London visit – 2nd management meeting

This was the second of 7 planned management meetings which will take place during the project and was attended by representatives from all 6 partners. The meeting took place over 2 days and consisted of lectures and workshops. Over a further 3 days the project lead Fiona Nolan accompanied the Mongolian team of 15 people on visits to clinical sites and one visit to the University of Essex. This group of 15 comprised of 2 psychiatrists and one nurse from the National Centre for Mental Health in Mongolia, 9 lecturers of nursing, 2 university managerial staff, and an interpreter. This was the first time Mongolian mental health clinicians visited mental health services in the United Kingdom.

After each session attendees worked with the members of the project team from Mongolia, the Netherlands, Finland and UK to review the information provided by the speaker/facilitator in terms of:

  • Relevance to the Mongolian context
  • Contribution to the project aims
  • Action needed to embed the learning in the project